Following the Leading of the Holy Spirit

by Chris D'Amico

What an amazing year God is planning for the Body of Christ. As we head into the month of March, I want to encourage you to tap over into your heart and listen carefully for the specific leading of the Holy Spirit. It is so important to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in all we do. 

Romans 8:14 declares, “For as many as are LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD, they are the sons of God.” The Richert Translation declares, “We who are GUIDED BY GOD’S SPIRIT are His offspring.” The Phillips Translation declares, “All who FOLLOW THE LEADINGS OF GOD’S SPIRIT are the son’s of God.” Every born again son and daughter of God should expect to be led by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in our spirit and is actively pointing us into God’s will for our lives. We must make sure we are listening to our hearts. And being careful to quickly obey His leadings. Taking time to pray and wait on God over all our decisions is a must. 

WE are privileged to pray in the Holy Spirit. Praying in other tongues is a key method by which we can tap into the greater leadings of the Holy Spirit for our lives. In 1st Corinthians 14:1, the Apostle Paul declared, “I thank my God I speak with tongues more than ye all.” The Message Bible declares, “I am grateful to God for the gift of praying in tongues that He gives us for praising which leads to WONDERFUL INTIMACIES we enjoy with him.” 1st Corinthians 14:4 declares, “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifies himself.” When we spend time praying in the Spirit, our inward man is filled with more of the Spirit of God, enabling us to follow greater leadings. Luke 4:1 declares, “And Jesus BEING FULL OF THE HOLY GHOST returned from Jordan and was LED BY THE SPIRIT into the wilderness” 

Kenneth E. Hagin once said. “The greatest things that have ever happen to me… the greatest healing miracles…the greatest financial miracles…came after a prolonged time of praying in other tongues. The ministry today… what we’re doing… what we have been doing for the last number of years… came as a result of praying in other tongues.” We can conclude his success in life and ministry came from following the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

We want to encourage you to listen and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in your heart. You will never be sorry you followed your heart. We love and so appreciate your friendship to this ministry . Thank you very much!