Ministry Spotlight

by Len & Cathy Mink

When Len Mink and Cathy Gravitt were born again in 1971, they hit the ground running and they haven’t stopped since! Len was a successful entertainer and TV personality in the Cincinnati area, with a musical variety show that was about to go into national syndication. Cathy was a model who had become disenchanted with the fashion industry for its abuses and excesses. After Len and Cathy accepted Christ, they shared the wonderful truth that had transformed their lives in jails, on the streets and in churches.

Shortly after Len’s conversion, he was diagnosed with a terminal blood disease, a condition the doctors called acquired auto-immune hemolytic anemia. He was offered no hope by the medical community, but a fan came to the hospital and brought him a book entitled, I Believe in Miracles, by Kathryn Kuhlman. Len had never heard that God healed physical bodies. He hungrily read the book, looking up every scripture and reading it for himself from the Bible. As a result, he was miraculously healed and every trace of the disease disappeared from his body. Before long, Len and Cathy were married and left the show business world behind them to become full-time ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since, they have traveled allover the world sharing their faith. For more than 25 years now, in addition to his own travels, Len has shared the platform with Brother Copeland, leading people in worship and preparing the way for the preaching of the Word of God.

In 1987, Len produced the first of several cassette adventures for children, featuring a character he developed named Gospel Duck. Cathy attended Rhema Bible Training Center, graduating in 1988 with an even deeper desire to see people walk in the fullness of redemption Christ has provided for them. Len and Cathy now reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma and are still going strong, moving from glory to glory and from faith to faith, joyfully sharing the glorious Gospel of Christ in the U.S., Canada and around the world.

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