Guest Articles

Are We at the End… Of the End

by Rev. Mark Brazee

There has never been a generation like this before, and the Church has never before faced a time like this. In fact, many people are asking, “Is this the end of the end? Could this be the end of the world?” These questions echo through the Body of Christ, and we need answers so we can know what to expect. We need to mow what time it is. Jesus foretold of this final hour in…

The Mark of Love

by Rev. Dennis Burke

It is not often that the heavens are pulled back and the voice of God is heard audibly. Yet, at the very beginning of Jesus ministry, when He came up out of the water of John’s baptism, the Father spoke: “This is my Son, chosen and marked by my love, delight of my life” (Matthew 3: 17, The Message Bible). In the Father’s words, we see the distinguishing difference between Jesus and every other man…

Living Out These End Times

by Pastor Mark Barclay

This is an awesome day to live! The Bible predicts that darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness, the people (Isa. 60). Jesus predicted that there would be tribulations, trials, troubles, famines, earthquakes, and all kinds of natural disasters. The Apostle Paul declared in 2 Timothy 3 that perilous times would come because humans would misbehave. At the same time this terrible decay and deterioration of human morals and godly standards fall, in the…

Mixing Faith With God’s Word

by Rev. Charles Capps

Make a decision to mix your faith with God’s Word and call for God’s promises to be manifest in your body. The mixing of your faith with God’s Word will cause you to be fully persuaded. When you become fully persuaded, healing is the result. Do you want your flesh to reflect the life of God’s Word? Then let the Word become so infused into your spirit that it becomes a part of you. Not…

Capture Your Thoughts, Protect Your Mind

by Rev. Jim Kaseman

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:3-5.  In verse three, the Apostle Paul points out that, “we do not war…

Life After Debt

by Dr. Nasir K. Siddiki

If it’s God’s will to prosper us and set us free from the bondage of poverty and lack, why are so many Christians still in debt? To answer that question, we first have to answer another question: What does it take to motivate someone to get out of debt? If the thought of being debt-free were enough motivation to give us the discipline to get out of debt, we would have already done it! But it isn’t…

Let It Go

by Rev. Kate McVeigh

We have all experienced hurt in our lives in one way or another, I want to focus in this article on how we can overcome the emotional wounds caused by someone who has wronged us.  Of course, we know that we must forgive those who have offended and hurt us. Jesus tells us in Mark 11:25 Amplified that if we want our prayers to be answered, we must forgive those who hurt us:  And whenever…

Living Out These End Times

by Rev. Larry Hutton

“The Sin of Worry” It seems that in our society today, “worry” is running rampant. People are worried about their health, worried about their children, worried about their finances, worried about their jobs, worried about their spouse, worried about getting old, worried about terrorists, worried about what people are thinking about them and even worried about what someone else is worried about! I looked up the word “worry” in Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Worry means to…

Settle it Forever

by Rev. Rachel Burchfield

There is a place in God where you are unstoppable and completely off limits to the destructive effects of the devil. The Bible calls it an established heart. To develop this level of sacred tenacity, there are some important issues that must be settled forever into your being. Today we will cover four of these absolutes.  I’m Going to Follow Jesus Forever.Following Jesus is different from loving Him. Some people follow Jesus until He asks…

Maintaining a Thankful Heart

by Rev. Doug Jones

Writing to the Corinthians, we hear the Apostle Paul declare that we are ambassadors for CHRIST (II Cor. 5:20). An ambassador has one primary responsibility-to promote interest of the one he represents. The interest of the Father are clearly revealed through His Word, not in an individual verse, but rather as we look at the Word from a birds-eye view. From this position it becomes clear that through the Gospels we find His first interest….